Save Our Youth

American youths are handicapped.

Their goals are being shattered.

Who should be blamed for such travesty?

What should adults do to avoid this dilemma?

Where is the youth’s role models?

Why is the air so poisoned?

Some public officials are responsible.

These individuals spill gas on the flames.

These officials’ lives are deplorable.

They are known to have abusive relationships.

Some of their children are born out of wedlock.

Still, these are the ones who are elected.

Others tell glaring lies in the public arena.

People often hear them on radio and TV.

Yet, these are the leaders of the nation.

Unabashedly, they do so in God’s name.

Young people are the future of the nation.

Imagine how they are bogged down with paradoxes.

These statements are harmful and confusing to young minds.

Why aren’t public officials ideal role models to American youths?

It’s time for change in this diverse society that Americans love.

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