The Golden Rule

Every religion has a golden rule.

Treat others as you wish to be treated.

How marvelous are those words.

They show the depths of love and compassion.

So what should you do if your neighbor offends you?

Some may say like the bible verse “an eye for an eye.”

But this will only make the whole world blind.

Instead it’s best to practice forgiveness.

But suppose the hurt is quite deep.

What should you do to alleviate this pain?

It’s best to pray and be sure you’re in the right frame of mind.

Talk your situation through with a loved one that you trust.

If that doesn’t help, seek the service of a trusted counselor.

Suffering such a painful hurt could be devastating.

So it’s better to realize that two wrongs don’t make things right.

Why rub salt in a wound that’s already open.

Instead, endeavor to ease the pain to find peace.

Always remember looking at a ray of sunshine

Is better than ushering in disastrous consequences

Live according to the golden rule.

“Loving God, let us remember it’s better to forgive than to retaliate in kind.  Guide us to follow the tenets of the golden rule as we deal with our family, friends, and enemies.”


Vaccine Passport

Do people need a vaccine passport?

Is it necessary to travel?

Is it required for a gym, theater, and bar?

This may become the norm in some countries.

In the United Kingdom

People may have to prove

That they were inoculated against the virus

Or that they have tested negative

Israel may have Israelites

Show that they have been vaccinated

To go to hotels and gyms

Other nations like Saudi Arabia, Iceland,

And the United States are exploring options

Like having app-based health passports

Or COVID-19 vaccination certificates

But are these developments of ethical concerns?

Do they discriminate against those wishing not to be tested?

Studies show minorities have inhibitions about the vaccine.

Young people could be at a disadvantage

Since they might not be eligible to be vaccinated

Businesses see vaccination as how they can open safely

Some attest for this option for re-opening their shops

By making the shot mandatory for workers

But still it’s unclear whether the vaccinated

Could still be transmitting a variant of the coronavirus    

“Omniscient Creator, help the nations of this world find appropriate ways of curtailing the spread of COVID-19 virus.  Grant that the scientists and governmental officials work diligently to contain this dreadful disease.”


Handicap Challenges

Talk about challenges the handicap comes to mind.

Some individuals are born with disabilities.

How can they overcome these problems?

Do they have a chance in this world?

How can they survive with such impediments?

Some children with disabilities are mentally challenged.

They work at a slower rate and need help assimilating information.

With these individuals a great deal depends on their condition.

Nevertheless, some are in regular classes with other students.

Still there are those that have to be tutored in a special group.

Some handicap students have other problems.

From birth they may be physically challenged.

They grow up in a world where they are unable to fully compete.

But some are able to overcome their disabilities.

This calls for work with therapists, friends, and family members.

Many schools have classes that cater for handicap students.

These individuals despite their limitations are able to succeed.

They work especially hard and over time they are able to make progress.

Teachers and students have to be sensitive to their special needs.

Little by little these students are able to develop in their confidence.

For the handicap there are special sports.

Some of these students may go on to participate in Paralympics.

This is a yearly event with six broad Paralympics categories –

Amputee, cerebral palsy, intellectual disability, wheelchair, vision impairment, and “others.”

“Omniscient Creator you have created mankind with different abilities and limitations.  Help all individuals to be sensitive to the handicap needs and work in helping them fulfill their dreams.”


Aging in Place

Why should a couple want to age in place?

Why can such a decision make sense?

It’s certain that many seniors have asked this question.

What are the benefits from these goals?

For one thing it’s living wisely in familiar surroundings.

No doubt many seniors have come to love their neighbors.

They have been able to socialize with friends at local coffee shops.

They don’t have to travel far to do volunteer work.

Seniors can have adjustments done to their homes.

These changes are in keeping with the fact that they have aged.

They can build special ramps, change their bathrooms,

And be sure that their bedroom is located on the ground floor

Other responsibilities would strike seniors as essential.

They can arrange for their doctors’ visits to be convenient.

Some of these appointments they will be able to do virtually.

All they will take is some knowledge of a computer or iPad.

There are cases where they will have visit doctors at their office.

If they live in senior facilities they can use their transportation

So seniors may find aging in place to their liking

Many of these problems could be handled successfully as they age.

“Wonderful Provider, help seniors as they age to find their footing.  Be with them as they make adjustments to their living conditions.”


A Special Love

Do you see each one as special?

Are you condescending to some people?

Do you pay attention to how they speak?

Do you have other concerns?

Every person ought to be treated with the utmost respect.

This is what we should know when interacting with people.

Love with the breath, smiles, and tears of all your life.

Show sincerity in the very love you share.

This love should be supreme and know no bounds.

The best results come with cooperation and being authentic.

People work together to organize and solve problems.

Be sure to demonstrate dignity and strength in supporting their needs.

Embrace love to put wings on your ideas.

Its acts like these that are necessary to give them hope.

People regardless to class distinctions ought to be cared for.

To love poor souls you’ll capture the essence of what’s true.

So resist making distinctions about the people you meet.

One could never tell where the depths of ultra-special love may lead.  

“Great Mediator, teach us to practice special ways to love others.  Help us to do the simple things to show that God’s grace is abundant in its blessings.”


Power of Example

Society needs good leaders

That will seek not to divide

But to do everything to unify

They should restore the soul of America

Leaders should be the backbone of their nation

And make their country respected

Not only by its citizenry, but by people around the world

To accomplish these ends

There should be a coalition that’s diverse

Progressives, moderates, and conservatives

Would all be part of this mix

Young and old, women and men,

Gay, straight, and LGBTQ,

Latinos, Blacks, Asians, and Native Americans

Will all be welcomed under this tent

Americans ought to build on its values

There should be inclusivity, justice and fair play

All forces should be marshalled to inspire

Goals of hope, decency, and excellence

These are all tenets of a healthy nation

May its people live to see these realities come to pass!

“Omniscient Provider, you have blessed our nation with many gifts.  Help those in government and their various constituents embrace what best for America.”


A Peacemaker

Peacemaking is more than winning wars

A peacemaker isn’t a nation’s warrior.

He or she should be beyond wars.

This individual should love their country

And has its interests at heart

Peace often calls for patience.

It’s an ability to negotiate problems.

A peacemaker has to be able to compromise.

This should be the goal of every ambassador.

Building bridges to other peoples and nations

Should be silver lining that a negotiator should pursue

It’s how a ruler endeavors to leave such a legacy.

But few of them will succeed if this isn’t done wisely.

Some ambassadors will do anything to pursue peace.

Christian leaders will remember the admonition –

“Blessed are the peacemakers”

They will see peacemakers as children of God.

These rulers will be judges among many people

And arbitrate between warring nations abroad

They shall beat their swords into plowshares

And used their spears as pruning hooks

They shall learn war no more

And their neighbors will be wise to compromise

“Omnipotent Arbitrator, help warring nations to seek peace and understanding.  Guide their rulers as they negotiate so that they will secure a lasting peace.”


A Good Marriage

It’s a delight to have a good marriage.

Marriage is a blessing that’s most sacred.

Couples exchange vows

Pledging their faithfulness to this union

Marriage is the foundation

On which many responsible families

Are nurtured with sound goals

There’s trust in such a relationship.

Marriage is important and beneficial.

This union shouldn’t be entered casually.

It’s serious when couples are united for life.

Undoubtedly both parties are sincere.

Marriage vows attest to a shared future.

It’s a mystery for much is unknown.

But couples make promises to be faithful.

In good health and in sickness

They must hold hands down their path

Once the marriage is consecrated

There are other concerns to worry about

Couples may decide to have a family

That in itself can be stressful

But a couple must persevere in their lives

“”Holy Benefactor, be with couples as they pledge their matrimonial vows.  Guide them in their new life together, and lift them up to be a loving family.”


Warming of Oceans

Warming of Oceans

Oceans are our life blood

Living with water is imperative

Water sustains us in many ways

It isn’t only the sea creatures that are important

But the use these waters to traverse vast continents

Billions of tons of heat-trapping gases are in the atmosphere

These are the work of humans’ industrialized age

Our oceans however absorb these gases

The temperature of these waters rise

And marine life like sea lions, fish, and lobsters are affected

Heat waves cause toxic algae in the seas to grow

The sources of food for marine life die off or migrate

And such heat waves have caused extreme weather patterns

On the West Coast California has experienced drought

Heat has the effect of allowing stagnant air to warm the oceans

Storms are formed by heat waves

In 2018 the Gulf Coast was hit by the tropical storm Gordon

This storm generated by heat impacted cold water

It mixes with warm water to cause unpredictable weather conditions

In 2020 Michael was a tropical cyclone

That was strengthened to hurricane force winds

Killing over 60 people in Florida

“Universal Spirit, help our scientific efforts in combatting climate change.  Guide the work of scientists and citizens alike that they will have a handle in fighting unpredictable weather patterns.”


Essentials of Peace

Live in peace and be secured

Refrain from strife

And don’t be quick to quarrel

So depart from evil and do well

Let us be instruments of peace

Let our hearts sow love

By always offering the gift of compassion

These are the gestures of peacemakers

Peace is a journey that calls for many steps

So be sure to take a step at a time

But first people have to make peace with themselves

This is a question about living up to challenges

Let the power of love drown out the love of power

For its power that’s the stumbling block in our lives

Only by recognition of this warped reality

Will artificial divisions between nations crumble

Peace can’t be kept by force

It could only be achieved through understanding

So let nations come together at the bargaining table

Where their grievances could be ironed out

A negotiator’s attitude is essential for successful talks.

“Almighty Advocate, help conflicting parties reach just agreements.  Guide our nations so that they will discover true peace through patience, understanding, and dialogue.”