Human Rights Defenders

How would you like to be a human rights defender?

What does this mean?

Where do you work?

And what can you expect?

These answers are most challenging.

A human rights defender fights to protect human rights.

He or she promotes the welfare of all citizens.

They work locally, nationally, and internationally.

These are the defenders of a variety of cases.

They range from employment issues, health care, rights to life,

Food, water, executions, torture, indigenous, and women rights

These defenders fight for human rights for all.

Problems are everywhere in the vast expanse of the world.

They are in democratic and non-democratic countries.

Challenges vary from HIV/AIDS, the coronavirus, migration,

Structural adjustment policies and political transitions

Defenders monitor regional and worldwide conditions.

They collect and disseminate information on violations

And work to bring reports to key political and judicial officials

Human rights organizations publish reports about their findings.

They ensure accountability to respect human rights legal standards.

“Benevolent Judge, help the human rights defenders to work for the best interests of their countries.  By so doing give them wisdom, and the will to be effective change agents in their respective communities.”


Preventing Senior Falls

Seniors can do a great deal to prevent falls.

They can update their home to make it senior friendly.

Purchase a medical alert system

That saves lives if they trip or fall accidentally

All they have to do is to push a button

To summon access of emergency care

Seniors can install lighting that is motion activated.

This light will brighten their path as they walk

Motion light can also deter intruders from their home.

If stairs are a problem the elderly can install a ramp.

But they should make sure that the railings are secured.

Be certain the home has a fire extinguisher

As well as a smoke and carbon monoxide detector

Refurbish the kitchen so that shelves are accessible.

Cover corners with sharp edges to prevent injuries.

Upgrade and update the bathroom and be rid of slippery showers

Install safety devices for using the toilet.

Make sure that in the bathroom there’s non-slip rugs.

Using a shower chair helps seniors in taking a bath.

Adjust the home’s hot water setting to avoid scalding.

Clear clutter like books and magazines on the floors of the home

So as to reduce the probability of tripping hazards

“Benevolent Provider, help the elderly as they senior proof their homes.  Let them do so with the confidence that they will be protecting themselves from falls and other emergencies.”


Explore Peace

Don’t let peace die.

Breathe life into it.

It’s too precious to perish.

Let the earth rejoice in peace.

Peace has to be explored.

In the streets and alleys of life

It’s vital to keep it alive

Mankind’s future depends on it.

Without peace we’ll fade away.

So sound the trumpets from roof tops.

Let these echoes resonate in villages.

Peace is alive and well

As it marches in a parade for life

Let peace reign!

A noble peace all good people seek.

It has to be based on compromise.

With a golden heart everyone wins.

This is the goal of embracing the truth.

Let peace reign!

“Almighty Negotiator, show us the way to resolve our problems.  Guide our hearts and minds to embrace what is true and just in life.” Amen

Juneteenth Freedom Day

Over 200 cities in 49 states

And the District of Columbia recognize Juneteenth

Either as a state or ceremonial holiday, or a day of observation

And activists are pushing Congress

To recognize June 19th as a national holiday

On June 19th, 1865 General Robert Granger

Issued a proclamation notifying black slaves

That they were free in Texas

This “Juneteenth Jamboree” grew in stature

And in many states it has become mainstream

The Anacostia Museum of the Smithsonian Institution

Has an exhibition Juneteenth ’91, Freedom Revisited

Reading of the works of African American novelists

Like Ralph Ellison and Maya Angelou are popular

And singing of traditional songs like “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot”

And “Lift Every Voice and Sing” are sung at ceremonial gatherings

Celebrations on “Jubilee Day” include picnics, rodeos, and cookouts

Families have reunions, park parties,

Attend blues festivals

And there’s a Miss Juneteenth contest

But all revelers never forget to have a Strawberry soda –

The drink associated with these festivities

And for the more serious minded

There are lectures, exhibitions of African American culture

Accompanied by a voter registration drive

But to top it all everyone should participate in a barbecue cookout

The centerpiece of most Juneteenth celebrations

“Divine Providence, bless these Juneteenth festivities on this notable day of remembrance when African Americans began enjoying the fruits of their freedom.”    

Encroachment on Nature

People have invaded the wilderness

Homes are built besides forests

Trees tower overhead in the distant

And there’s constant logging

Mankind has definitely encroached on nature

Wildlife is crying out for help

Creatures of all kinds are losing their habitats

People are now affected

By species carrying viruses

So they are infected with diseases

They never experienced before

CO₂ is heating up the planet

Bringing in its wake unprecedented storms

For months there have been violent winds, rain, and flooding

That has been impacting many Northern and Southern states

Wildfires are raging in the West

Homes and businesses are going up in flames

Thousands are forced to flee

And Washington, Oregon, and California

Are in the throes of such a crisis

People have to be able to live in harmony with nature

“Supreme Spirit, help us learn the best way to be with nature.  Enable us to live in harmony with its abundant gifts that surround us.” Amen 

Elderly at Home

The elderly has many challenges.

A lot of tasks that they did

While younger have become difficult

That’s why there’s need for adjustments.

There are risks of tripping or falling.

So seniors have to be careful in their homes.

As their mobility decreases

The elderly have to be aware how they walk

Some rooms in their homes

May well become dangerous places

So they should try to prevent falling

What can the elderly do about aging in place?

They should endeavor to modify their homes.

Looking into senior care options is a good idea.

Seeking out the advice of caregivers make sense.

And depending on family and friends

In helping them elder proof their homes

It’s the only way that they may be safe

As they endeavor living out their life at home

“Loving God, help the elderly as they make adjustments to living in their home.  Give them the wisdom to turn to family, friends, and caregivers for the help that they will need in making good decisions.”


Corolla Wild Horses

Corolla wild horses

Are a hardy bunch

They have adapted

To the weather of winter

While living in the wild

They have done so

By growing thicker coats

And eating a modified diet

That helped them survive the cold

Cold is dangerous for many horses

But these wild ponies

Have survived snowstorms

And whipping frigid winds

Without being in a barn

They just know how to adapt

Because of centuries living on their own

These horses spend most of their time

On the banks in the maritime forests

Living by fresh water marshes

They have a leader of the pack

This stallion leads the mares

Through the winter months

When much of the caloric-filled,

Green grasses on the Outer Banks’

Natural meadow and manicured lawns

Turn brown during the winter months

The horses get their nutrition

By eating dry winter grass

And stalks of sea oats on the dunes

“Great Provider, you have graced us with wild horses on Corolla’s Outer Banks.  Continue to protect, and help these animals to survive the austere weather the Outer Bank experiences.”


The Golden Rule

Every religion has a golden rule.

Treat others as you wish to be treated.

How marvelous are those words.

They show the depths of love and compassion.

So what should you do if your neighbor offends you?

Some may say like the bible verse “an eye for an eye.”

But this will only make the whole world blind.

Instead it’s best to practice forgiveness.

But suppose the hurt is quite deep.

What should you do to alleviate this pain?

It’s best to pray and be sure you’re in the right frame of mind.

Talk your situation through with a loved one that you trust.

If that doesn’t help, seek the service of a trusted counselor.

Suffering such a painful hurt could be devastating.

So it’s better to realize that two wrongs don’t make things right.

Why rub salt in a wound that’s already open.

Instead, endeavor to ease the pain to find peace.

Always remember looking at a ray of sunshine

Is better than ushering in disastrous consequences

Live according to the golden rule.

“Loving God, let us remember it’s better to forgive than to retaliate in kind.  Guide us to follow the tenets of the golden rule as we deal with our family, friends, and enemies.”


Vaccine Passport

Do people need a vaccine passport?

Is it necessary to travel?

Is it required for a gym, theater, and bar?

This may become the norm in some countries.

In the United Kingdom

People may have to prove

That they were inoculated against the virus

Or that they have tested negative

Israel may have Israelites

Show that they have been vaccinated

To go to hotels and gyms

Other nations like Saudi Arabia, Iceland,

And the United States are exploring options

Like having app-based health passports

Or COVID-19 vaccination certificates

But are these developments of ethical concerns?

Do they discriminate against those wishing not to be tested?

Studies show minorities have inhibitions about the vaccine.

Young people could be at a disadvantage

Since they might not be eligible to be vaccinated

Businesses see vaccination as how they can open safely

Some attest for this option for re-opening their shops

By making the shot mandatory for workers

But still it’s unclear whether the vaccinated

Could still be transmitting a variant of the coronavirus    

“Omniscient Creator, help the nations of this world find appropriate ways of curtailing the spread of COVID-19 virus.  Grant that the scientists and governmental officials work diligently to contain this dreadful disease.”


Handicap Challenges

Talk about challenges the handicap comes to mind.

Some individuals are born with disabilities.

How can they overcome these problems?

Do they have a chance in this world?

How can they survive with such impediments?

Some children with disabilities are mentally challenged.

They work at a slower rate and need help assimilating information.

With these individuals a great deal depends on their condition.

Nevertheless, some are in regular classes with other students.

Still there are those that have to be tutored in a special group.

Some handicap students have other problems.

From birth they may be physically challenged.

They grow up in a world where they are unable to fully compete.

But some are able to overcome their disabilities.

This calls for work with therapists, friends, and family members.

Many schools have classes that cater for handicap students.

These individuals despite their limitations are able to succeed.

They work especially hard and over time they are able to make progress.

Teachers and students have to be sensitive to their special needs.

Little by little these students are able to develop in their confidence.

For the handicap there are special sports.

Some of these students may go on to participate in Paralympics.

This is a yearly event with six broad Paralympics categories –

Amputee, cerebral palsy, intellectual disability, wheelchair, vision impairment, and “others.”

“Omniscient Creator you have created mankind with different abilities and limitations.  Help all individuals to be sensitive to the handicap needs and work in helping them fulfill their dreams.”